Decentralized Crypto Trading Platform

Silver has been recognized as one of the most valuable negotiable currencies among the great civilizations of the world…

…and that still holds true today.

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What is Silgonex?

Silgonex is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital assets trading platform and has its own cryptocurrency coin backed by sterling silver

Sil Coin

SIL was created as a secure cryptocurrency mintable coin/token to enable the general person on the street to have an additional payment system, set apart from the traditional banking system.


We offer the most advanced and reliable sources for our members and accept customers from around the globe to deposit, exchange, buy or sell their cryptocurrencies and trade peer to peer (P2P).

Earn Commission

With Silgonex we give the opportunity to our members/users to earn an extra referral income from our platform.

SIL Coin

SIL was created as a secure cryptocurrency mintable coin/token to enable the general person on the street to have an additional payment system, set apart from the traditional banking system.

SIL is a 1-to-1 ratio coin and 100% backed by sterling silver.

It is a commodity which is recognized around the world and traded extensively, and for private individuals, it offers an interesting diversification. Silver is also a commodity which can be collected and passed onto future generations and has retained consistently high demand throughout the ages.

Not only is it prized as a collectable, but it is also heavily used in industries such as the manufacture of automobiles, cellphones, and computers. Because demand remains high, many people believe the value of silver could increase in the coming years.

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Silgonex Exchange

Silgonex is a digital asset trading platform who offers state of the art services for our digital currency traders.

Buy or sell cryptocurrencies and trade peer to peer (P2P) with each other

We have a highly efficient and automated monitoring platform which helps to provide our users with the fastest transactions available today. These includes balance, trade and holding information. We allow our users to exchange between various types of cryptocurrencies and benefit from them.

Why Silgonex

Secure Platform

The security of our members is our first and most important priority. Silgonex employs the most reliable and effective security technologies available. Our company also provides additional security features for our users to provide multiple layers of protection.

Fast deposit and withdrawals

To meet the demands of the rapidly changing trade and quick transactions, Silgonex has created advanced and efficient monitoring platforms which are fast enough to provide our members with speedy exchanges and help save their time and money.

Peer 2 Peer Trading

Silgonex allows its users to trade directly with another person. Users can directly sell, buy or exchange their cryptocurrencies with another person. This makes the process customizable, lean, and fast since there is no corporate overhead involved.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Exchange

Silgonex is versatile in that it gives its users the freedom to exchange among different types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, ripple and many others. Our users can easily trade in whatever cryptocurrency they desire.

Liquid Exchange

Silgonex offers the most liquid exchange market, allowing users to easily and quickly exchange between their digital assets with minimum slippage so they can trade at the price they want. It is our goal to make sure that our members make the most profit out of their investments with ease and rapidly.

24/7 Customer Service

Our team works 24 / 7 to provide our users with the best services possible. Our employees are experts in the field of cryptocurrency, and anything related to it. We are always available to answer the queries of our members related to any topic. You can contact us anywhere and anytime and we will be there to solve all your problems.

Silgonex uses Smart contract and Blockchain Technology to put digital assets on Blockchain

Cross-chain Asset Security

Return to decentralization, the user keep private key by themself, master 100% of fund management rights. Users' assets are locked in smart contracts, multi- signature in all super nodes ensures security.

Perfect Cross-chain Mechanism

The only true cross-chain solution in the decentralized trading system, supporting BTC

Lightning Trading Speed

Complete an order within 3 seconds - the same trading speed as a centralized trading system.Achieve a double leap in performance and security with the advanced consensus mechanism of Silgonex Blockchain.

Refer Mechanism

We have built a complex multi-level referral commission mechanism, invite friends to join Silgonex, and get part of their trading volume as a commission reward! Start your own Affiliate business with Silgonex and earn high commissions!

Professional K-line Indicator Tool

Transaction interface returns to centralization experience, easy to use.Support 7/24 hours Professional customer service.

High Speed Matching Engine

The “Match-Chain” built on the Silgonex 2-layer blockchain structure provides stable and high-speed order matching services. This is different from any decentralized exchange you have heard of. In Silgonex, you can enjoy on-chain trading experiences as fast as 1 second, which is not only fast and secure.